18 Gripping Movies And TV Shows Like Game Of Thrones

What do we watch now that Game of Thrones has finally ended?

game of thrones poster of ned stark in the godswood

For 8 long seasons, we’ve been consumed with our theories, expectations and questions.

The fates of our beloved characters are all now sealed, most of our questions have been answered and the game of thrones is finally over. 

In the wake of the end, we all need something else that’ll fill in the gap, something to fill the empty space inside, at least until the prequel series arrives. 

So here are 18 gripping movies and TV shows that are full of intrigue, sex and violence like Game of Thrones.

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1. The Tudors

The Tudors is a period drama that follows the history of the Tudor dynasty of England around King Henry VII’s reign.

the tudors is a tv show like game of thrones

Politics and the struggle for power is everpresent throughout this show (as is tons of nudity). If you loved that aspect of Game of Thrones then The Tudors is perfect for you.

Not only that, the level of quality in the cast is astounding. With leads such as Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Henry Cavill and Natalie Dormer, the show bursts with personality.

A face you might recognise…

natalie dorner as anne boleyn on the tudors

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video or Netflix

2. Spartacus

This is a bloody and violent series that loosely follows the epic story of the gladiator, Spartacus, who led a slave uprising against the Roman Empire.

spartacus is a tv show like game of thrones

Spartactus is filled to the brim with jaw-dropping action sequences, political manoeuvrings and emotional moments.

Sex, blood and violence.

Unmissable for anyone who enjoys sex, blood and violence in their evening’s entertainment.

spartacus is a tv show like game of thrones

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video or Netflix