The 20 Best TV Shows To Binge-Watch Right Now

Get your day off sorted in no time.

breaking bad

Who doesn’t love taking a lazy weekend to binge-watch a whole TV series?

You can’t deny it…

You love getting cosy under the sheets with a hot beverage and your favourite snacks as much as we do.

With so much on offer and so little time, however, you need to choose the best TV show possible to guarantee the perfect binge-watching experience.

You could probably end up wasting half a day of valuable watch time figuring out what to watch.

That’s where this list comes in.

Whether your tastes lean toward laugh-out-loud comedies or engrossing crime dramas, you’ll find one that’s perfect for you below.

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1. Archer

Archer is a deadpan animated satire about a highly skilled but incompetent super spy and his wacky friends and co-workers.


Watching as Archer bumbles his way through covert missions and screws up his relationship is always a delight.

Stylish and surprising.

The show never lets things get stale by totally reinventing itself each season. This is probably a big reason why it’s been able to stay consistently fresh and funny after 10 seasons. That and the constant running gags which get funnier the more you watch.

Don’t miss out on the non-stop laughs on offer in Archer.


How long: 10 seasons (110 episodes, approximately 22 minutes an episode).

Where to watch: stream on Amazon Prime Video or Netflix.

2. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is an anthology series which explores a twisted, high-tech world where humanity’s greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide.

Black Mirror
Star Trek parody episode ‘USS Callister’

A unique mix of sci-fi, drama, satire and dark comedy.

With each episode exploring a totally unique theme, Black Mirror successfully manages to be an extreme reflection of society.

As Charlie Brooker said:

The technology is never the culprit in our stories. The technology is just allowing people to do terrible things to themselves or others.

Watch just one episode and you’ll see how brilliant it is.

Black Mirror

How long: 5 seasons (22 episodes, approximately 1 hour per episode).

Where to watch: stream on Netflix.