Rating The 10 Actors Who Have Played Batman

Who thrived as Batman and who bombed miserably?

batman the dark knight in the rain

More than any other superhero, Batman has been played by a total of 10 (soon to be 11) actors.

It’s undeniable that Batman is one of the most popular superheroes of all time and people just can’t seem to get enough. DC repeatedly satiates our hunger with a movie every few years despite the fact they seem to have a revolving door for actors in the role.

Which of these 10 actors who have played Batman thrived in the role and who bombed miserably?

Find out below!

1. Lewis G. Wilson

The first and youngest adult to play Batman at the age of 23, Lewis Wilson donned the cape in the 15 part serial Batman.

Lewis Wilson the first batman

Although very intimidating in this original Batman costume, critics complained that his physique wasn’t exactly fear-inspiring.

A bit thick around the middle.

Lewis Wilson actors who have played Batman

Another point of complaint was his high pitched voice and Boston accent. Voice complaints are nothing new to us Batman fans. 

Overall, while he holds his own, his performance was hardly very memorable.

Rating: 4/10

2. Robert Lowery

In 1949 the follow-up serial, Batman and Robin, Batman was played by Robert Lowrey at the age of 36.

Robert lowery actors who have played Batman

The first Batman to appear alongside Superman on film.

Definitely much more suited to the role with the physique to crack some skulls, Robert already had a head start on Lewis. Not only that, he was already quite successful with roles in The Mark Of Zorro and The Mummy’s Ghost.

Robert lowery actors who have played Batman

Putting more effort into casting for the second run of the serial definitely paid off for the producers. Since he had a suitable physique and higher level of experience, Robert made for a far more enjoyable Batman.

Rating: 7/10