The Top 20 Most Underrated Games Of All Time

Discover the most underrated games of all time. Is your favourite on the list?

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Have you ever beaten a game you absolutely loved only to realise that no-one you know has heard of it, let alone played it?

To be bubbling with enthusiasm over a game and having no one to share it with can be one of the most frustrating things in the world. You’ve probably got at least one game in mind already, I wonder if you’ll find it on this list?

Quite often, the game isn’t close to being ‘perfect’ but some games have a way of sucking you in and not letting go.

Some of the biggest innovations in gaming have come from one of these underrated gems. Despite this though, they frequently come and go quietly.

Let’s countdown the top 20 most underrated games of all time and give them the share of the spotlight they deserve.

20. The Club (2008)

Remember The Club? It’s a fun little game about killing for sport.

Brutal, adrenaline-surging combat.

the club most underrated video games

While it wasn’t perfect in many ways, it took a hold of you for hours and wouldn’t let go.

A core gameplay loop that’s both addictive and satisfying.

The concept was simple enough, run through increasingly difficult levels as fast as possible all while killing waves of enemies.

the club gameplay

Although old fashioned by today’s standards, it was a perfect throwback to the old arcadey games Sega once specialised in.

19. Vandal Hearts II (1999)

Vandal Hearts II is an incredibly unique turn-based strategy RPG where 2 players take their moves simultaneously.

An original turn-based strategy RPG.

vandal hearts 2 most underrated video games

On its release, people struggled to ‘get’ how the game worked claiming that you couldn’t predict how enemies would move. Experienced players, however, saw its true value.

An innovative game that inspired developers for generations.

vandal hearts 2 gameplay

With practice and careful observation, players learned to read their opponent and set up counters. Of course, the other players were doing the same.