12 Reasons You Should Read The Game Of Thrones Books

Allow me to to convince you to read the amazing Game of Thrones book series.

tyrion reads books

Are you a huge fan of Game of Thrones but are on the fence about diving into the books?

If so, then you’re not alone.

Since it premiered back in 2011, many fans have been torn on whether to read the book series or not.

Why risk spoiling the show when it’s already so good?

Game of Thrones was already so amazing that following the story with each season was extremely satisfying already. It’s also tough convincing yourself that the huge time-investment would be worth it.

After finally taking the plunge last year, however, I was shocked by how much I’d been missing out.

There are countless reasons you should read the incredible Game of Thrones book series.

Discover the 12 most convincing ones down below.

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1. George R. R. Martin’s quality storytelling.

George R. R. Martin is the original creator of the rich and complex Game of Thrones universe.

George R. R. Martin the writer of the game of thrones books

Although the show does a fantastic job of telling his story, Martin is the master craftsman who created the characters and their storylines. 

A nearly supernatural gift for storytelling.

The series is truly epic in scope, filled with believable morally grey characters and is enormously engrossing.

Reading the story fresh and seeing how it the plot weaves and unfolds is an incredible experience.

2. What happened in the past?

Sure we learn a lot throughout this already deep show, but there’s so much more detail in the books.

game of thrones books houses

Martin goes into great detail about the histories of the families, kingdoms and empires of the Game of Thrones universe. 

Become as knowledgeable as the Three-Eyed Raven.

bran the three-eyed raven

There’s even a stand-alone book, The World of Ice and Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones which fleshes it out even further.